JTRP Hypnotise EP

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Although JTRP hails from Germany, the duo's relatively short career to date has found the group seemingly inextricably tied to London, most likely because of its relationship with the Deep Teknologi collective. The Hypnotise EP is JTRP's second release on the label, the first being a self-titled EP which dropped early in the year. In line with the rest of Deep Teknologi's output, the pair has once again cooked up a trio of tunes rooted firmly in deep, dark house, showcasing a potent yet stripped-down sound that also folds in elements of UK funky, techno, dubstep, grime, and garage. The EP's title track is a near-perfect encapsulation of what JTRP (and by extension, Deep Teknologi) is all about, a deep and detailed song that classily rides along clattering, organic drum sounds and a thick, underwater acid bassline. "Hypnotise" is short on melody and may appear to not do a whole lot on the first listen, but there's little doubt that the track sounds huge in a club setting. "Ceddybu" starts in a similar fashion, but actually displays a lot more flash once the tune's big snares and synth melody hit nearly three minutes in. It's still dark, an atmosphere helped along by the pitched-down vocal sample, but it's undeniably the closest thing to a banger here. Rounding out the release is "Shady," a swampy number with woozy synths and nervous, stuttering percussion that never settles into a steady 4/4 groove. Like the rest of the EP, there's nothing over the top happening, but the music is unquestionably solid.