Assassin Infiltration

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On his full-length debut, Assassin knocks out the competition with his lyrical boomshots and rope-a-dope beats. Under the tutelage of Penthouse Studios owner/producer Donovan Germain, the 22-year old Jamaican has developed into one of the island‘s most promising dancehall artists. This lyrically gifted deejay brings a street reporter‘s eye for detail to tracks like the autobiographical "Gangsta City" and the MLK-inspired "Free at Last". He teams up with reggae legend Freddie McGregor to unite the generations in the soul-stirring "Youth Well Cold." From the confrontational "Step Pon Dem" to the radio-friendly "Let Me Know," featuring Chi-town‘s Syleena Johnson, Assassin demonstrates versatility, successfully walking the line between street credibility and commercial viability.