Various Artists John Doe: Popular Fallacies (True Lies)

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Big ups, Cincy! Fuck Ken Griffey, Jr.: John Doe has much better wrists and actually comes through in the clutch. Using popular-that is, crappy-cinema and the finest hip-hop joints in history as his points of departure, DJ John Doe has crafted a bomb-track mixtape better than more than half of 2003's musical output. Song titles run the gamut from "Back to the Future" to "A Beautiful Mind" and KRS-One, Slick Rick, Chuck D, Guru, Tribe and countless more leak into the seamless mix, as do Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson and other cheeseballs of the silver screen. Like his pals in The X-ecutioners, Doe has a musical bible for a brain and a sure-fire sense of humor, and both are on brilliant parade in Popular Fallacies. Grab this shit and spin it. Now.