K.I.T.S and P.I.T.S K.I.T.S 'n' P.I.T.S. Presents Gumbo

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If titling an album Gumbo seems forced-lots of influences, we get it-it's forgivable when that album comes through, as this disc does. A collaboration between P.I.T.S (a.k.a. P.E.A.C.E. of Freestyle Fellowship) and his cousin K.I.T.S, the album blends styles so easily all you notice is the end result. From the stylistic, low-key consciousness of "Boyz N Da Hood (Watts Up)" to the bass-driven "Nervous Bomb" to my favorite, "D.S.L."-a tight pop culture catalogue, even punning off names of various Pokemon-the album serves up tracks that are intelligent without condescension, fun without pandering.