Five Deez Kinkynasti

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The Cincinnati crew of producer/MC Fat Jon, MC/producer Pase Rock and MCs Sonic and Kyle David, Five Deez takes its name from the fifth dimension, that of soul. With their sophomore domestic full-length, Kinkynasti,/i>, the "four black dudes" take their craft from spiritual to spirited. Perhaps influenced by his recent collaboration with Stefan "Pole" Betke, Fat Jon's production is more crisply focused. Tracks are string-swept and disco-y, but not overly orchestrated, working almost in modules. Beats crackle and echo a little around the edges, but remain firmly rooted, never tripping over each other. The same can be said of the lyrical acrobatics, which never overshadow the musicality. Mixing Zen-like Eastern composure with Western street strut, Five Deez has worked out the kinks on Kinkynasti.