Télépathique Last Time on Earth


The trio of producer Erico “DJ Periferico” Theobaldo, vocalist Mylene, and an Apple laptop, Télépathique has been active in their hometown of São Paulo, Brazil for several years. Only now is the group seeing the North American release of its 2006 debut, with its 11 tracks of guitar- and synth-striated robo-funk. The human duo excels in sounding like patch chords and live PAs–the pleasurably forward tones come across as quarter-inch stereo, not 96 kHz digital. There’s an echo of manually triggered immediacy that ties this release more to the progressive breakbeat of the ’90s than any contemporary scene. Following the man-machine timeline from Kraftwerk to favela soundsystems, Télépathique hybridizes to clap, clap those thighs-ez.