Teleddubgnosis Magnetic Learning Center

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Dub originated in Jamaica, but its addictive skank captures ears and hearts all over the globe. Broken down thusly, "tele" means far, "dub" stands for sound, and "gnosis" equals truth. Drummer Ted Parsons (Prong, Foetuus) and pals take dub to far-flung reaches of noise, electronics, and idealism. The Teledubgnosis core includes programmer extraordinaire Jason Wolford (of Decadent Dub Team-the Texas Tackhead), multi-instrumentalist/media artist Gregory Damien Grinnell, and former Pere Ubu bassist Tony Maimone. Magnetic Learning features as many tracks as there are contributors: guitarists Norman Westberg (The Swans, Foetus) and Kurt Wolf (Pussy Galore, Boss Hogg), percussionist George Javori (Firewater), and bassists Jason Asnes (Crown Heights, Nice Strong Arm) and Dave Sims (Jesus Lizard). Dub is a family affair, and two bonus remixes grace the album: "In Heaven, A Devil" by The Bug (Kevin Martin) and "80 Creeps" by Tech Level 2 (Godflesh's Justin Broaderick). School is in session!