Ruxpin Magrathea

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Jonas Thor Gudmundsson may not be friends with Bj?rk, but I have to write this fact anyway, as all journalists are bound by a secret sect of government-sponsored Icelandic elves to reference her at every possible corollary. Undaunted, Ruxpin starts out like any number of incestuously similar Elektro/Mikrolux releases, offering muscle-relaxing synths and clickity percussion, before "Magrathea" erupts into a luculent world of deep bass and perspicaciously layered microscopic aural details, trailblazed by complex rhythmic expeditions. Ruxpin manages to filter myriad genre formalities-4/4 house-isms, electro thwacks, etc.-through his distinct musical vision, all without a guest appearance from Bj?rk.