Various Artists Marc Romboy: Systematic Sessions Vol. 1

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New labels looking to make a splash would do well to emulate Systematic Sessions. Compile the best from some hotly tipped 12"s along with tracks from sympathetic artists and mix under the guiding hand of an assured DJ/selector into a massive two-disc salvo. Here, Marc Romboy delves deep into Systematic‘s electro-house world by focusing on relentlessly dirty house beats, sonic variety, and a day/night tone split. On the first disc, Sthim Sound Machine‘s micro vocal edits and buzzing hard drive-error bassline evolve into John Tejada‘s cavernous "Mono On Mono," which splits into individual blips before revolving into the Teutonic shuffle of Samim and Michal‘s poplock-inducing "Dirty Big Mouse." By the second disc, things get darker until the one-two punch of Dirt Crew‘s glam-stomp acid bleeds into the rubber bounce of Justin Kohncke‘s "Elan," closing out the two-hour set in a state of graceful hedonism.