Marco Resmann Run EP

His latest release on the Watergate label brims with house groove and techno integrity.
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marco resmann run watergate

Berlin's trademark sound, a blend of house groove and techno integrity, is rich in technical intricacies and sonic finesse—and the Watergate club has always upheld its part. Its affiliated label has as well, through a string of quality EPs from the likes of Henrik Schwarz, Jesse Rose, and Maceo Plex. Now, Marco Resmann returns to the imprint with another set of silken-smooth dance timbres—and he's given us a set of bottom-heavy, warm techno rollers that are fine-tuned for the peak play, and rooted in deeply grounded aesthetics and classic house structures.

Though laying behind a muted bassline, the slow-burning title track's emotionally loaded sound brims with energy as it progresses, with effects and oscillations gradually feeding in before the track's delicate, glassy melody takes center stage on the break. On "Hello Again," Resmann shows his prowess behind the boards: A sonic palette of field recordings gradually unfolds into synthesized electronics, with chirping birds and gusts of wind overtaken by a wild electronic groove. Thundering, mechanistic beats, radiating acid-drop basslines and sub-loaded top lines create a heady, apocalyptic aesthetic that feels like a stark warning in comparison to its calmer start point.

Closing track "Es Vedra" takes the emotive vibe of "Hello Again" to new corners of the soul; it's a cosmic, late-night excursion defined by minor tonal chords, soft pads and pulsing synths. A soft and soothing groove develops atop a starched, marching beat, before radiating basslines seep through the intoxicating rhythm. Resmann's reputation for integrity and soul is in no danger of ruin on Run, as he combines a left-field sound with house music's classic formula.