Jason Lescalleet Mattresslessness

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This first full-length from New Englander Jason Lescalleet is a stunning example of sonic shapeshifting. All but one track on this excellent disc is ostensibly an homage to a pair of artists. For example, the grainy, droning opener is dedicated to Portuguese guitarist Rafael Toral and sound artist John Hudak; the static-filled "Underscore" to lowercase adherents Taylor Deupree and Francisco Lopez; the abrasive, ear-cleansing "Straight No Chaser" to noiseniks Ron Lessard and Graham Lambkin, and so forth. These are not exercises in musical impersonation by any stretch, as Lescalleet takes each pair's work as a point of departure rather than an end in itself. He uses his vintage reel-to-reels and antiquated, distressed equipment to create pieces that are as much critiques as they are tributes.