Howie B, Crispin Hunt & Will O'Donovan Mayonnaise

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Mayonnaise...that cool, refreshing drink. The white-folks staple gets mildly grooved-on courtesy of Scottish ?berproducer Howie B and his best mates. Former Longpigs frontman/current political reformist Crispin Hunt and Will O'Donovan (think Irish Howie B) juggle slightly distracted vocals over smooth and creamy beatz. The echoes of the dead and nearly so (John Lennon, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel-era Genesis, Daniel Lanois, Sting) careen over a proggish base of shifting melodies and "harmonizing guys" effects. Like its namesake, the flavoring is subtle, so no big beats or blowsy vox posturing here. A little mellow for my taste, but it's good to cleanse the palate occasionally.