Si*Se More Shine

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Four years after their 100,000+ selling debut, Brooklyn-based Si*Se returns with nostalgic evolution. The eclectic band, led by vocalist Carol C and programmer U.F.Low, adds a touch of class to their forward-thinking, Latin-tinged electronica. Soulful soundscapes painted by violins, percussion, and hearty basslines serve as beautifully produced backdrops to Carol‘s lyrics. Her combination of passion and softness and her tranquil poetry-which flows as if heated by an internal, inquisitive burning-make the heart melt. The punchy drums of the title track, the crushing disco of "Agua" and "Karma" and the son-flavored spice of "Mariposa En Havana" (a Buena Vista headnod to the original Nickodemus & Osiris cut) glow with a luminosity certain to shine for some time.