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Young Etienne Stehelin's debut album for San Francisco's Om blows a breath of fresh air through a somewhat stagnant electronic music scene. Pulling on a wide variety of influences-from rock to jazz to funk and soul-the 23-year old LA native's sound is the perfect antidote to these rough global times. Balanced with several cinematic interludes, the album's 17 tracks flirt with tweaky, pre-sellout Jaxx house ("Make You Mine"), dusty Wild West-inspired electro-saloon-funk ("Sagebrush Blues") and-with vocals that sound remarkably similar to those of Garry Christian (of '80s band The Christians)-soulful, dreamy house ("Everyone's Sleeping Today"). This is much more than either a house album or a house producer's album: it's a completely honest and extremely original composition from an accomplished musician on the path to big things.