Distance My Demons


With My Demons, Distance has created a powerful album that will fully appeal to the dubstep scene while reaching beyond its boundaries, a record that remains vibrant in mood and saturated with personality. His "Traffic" b/w "Cyclops" single of 2006 laid out a balanced blueprint for the album, and both tracks are included here. Tunes like "Ska" and "Confined" sound similar to the bombastic "Traffic," where wild synths bruk out, tearing across jerking rhythms like a raging fire. "Tuning" and "My Demons," like "Cyclops," take the opposite route-they're deep reflecting pools that hypnotize, drawing you close so that phantoms can tug at your aural consciousness. While the whole effect is closer to Kode 9 or Boxcutter than Digital Mystikz or Skream, at the end of the day this is a unique creation, another feather in Planet Mu's cap, and a truly masterful piece of work.