Various Artists NewSoundTheory Volume 3

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Atlanta, GA, is the spaghetti junction of the South: a lot of inroads, but not so many outlets. This led James and DeAnna Cool, who record as Madison Park, to create their own label, BasicLux, and compilation series, NewSoundTheory. Along the way, the Cools crystallized their philosophy of a nu-lounge sound "lifestyle," which references the aqueous forms of boutique house and contemporary "dad jazz" equally in a gently emulsifying chemical process producing disco-tinged downtempo. It's the dry vermouth of music-it mixes in unobtrusively but would likely be missed if absent. Volume Three of the series sees tracks by regular contributors Chris Brann, Lumiere, Goldlust, Kemit and GrooveOholics, plus samba-funk and prismatic prog-house standouts by Solu Music and Mudfish.