Yeasayer Odd Blood

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Yeasayer's 2007 debut, All Hour Cymbals, was the closest thing indie rock had come to world music since the Talking Heads released Fear of Music 20 years ago—a jittery blend of religious folk, West African polyrhythms, and synthesized experimentation. With Odd Blood, the Brooklyn trio has left behind its most obvious ethnic influences—and its environmental anxiety—for a tighter, more polished sound. Gone, too, is much of their debut's organic instrumentation. With Anand Wilder's breathy tenor, "O.N.E." is a few handclaps away from Wham! (which, amazingly, isn't a bad thing), while "Madder Red" could be a Bollywood tune from beyond the Milky Way. There's still a party going, but it isn't a campfire Yeasayer's dancing around this time—it's a disco ball.