Filippo Moscatello Pagliaccio

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Now that Berlin-based Italian producer Filippo Moscatello has returned to his techno and house roots on Pagliaccio, gone are the days of his electro-focused DJ Naughty guise. But his nostalgia offers mixed results. While the bright horn accent on "Furio" is an easy nod to Moscatello’s Italo-disco past, the retro flourish doesn’t quite deserve the attention it receives on this fairly lackluster track. On the other hand, "Slave to the Dub" gracefully crafts an understated but satisfying song by pulling from a forgotten cast of alternately shimmering, croaking, and whirring ’90s keyboard synths. The jack-in-the-box intro of "Kleinmond" provides a sweetly innocent counterpoint to the subdued low-end richness of the track’s underbelly.