Hitz Exprezz Playin Da Harsez

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On Playin Da Harsez, Toronto's po-mo dandy Hitz Exprezz simultaneously takes inspiration from DAT Politics and Chingy, from Kid606 and the Kings of Crunk. Putting Hitz's glitch version of Beyonc»'s "Crazy in Love" (called "Crazy in Plunk") aside, there are a lot worse ways for a suburban white boy to pay ironic homage to hip-hop than with poinging gabber ("Junk in the Crunk") and DIY punk cut-ups of ghetto house ("Late At Nite"). As with Chicks on Speed, I'm not entirely sure that Playin Da Harsez's harsh techno bounce is the sort of thing you want to listen to at home. But at a club, Hitz Exprezz is surely the prankster jockey to get electro boys' jodhpurs in a twist.