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One thing hippies and punks had in common was an oppositional impulse. While fans of electronic music are unabashed in their dismissal of pop culture, the movement (large though it may be) has few political aims. In this respect, computer music nerds resemble neither hippies nor punks, but the jazz-fixated hep cats of the 1950s. As with jazzbos, many IDM enthusiasts derive satisfaction not from rebelliousness but from the sense of being included in a rarefied group of aesthetes perched safely above the mainstream morass. Featuring stellar contributions from AGF, Terre Thaemlitz and others, Politronics argues that contemporary electronicists are more politically-engaged than ever before, a case made all the more emphatic by accompanying essays from the likes of Matthew Herbert, Thomas Venker and XLR8R's own Philip Sherburne. Fighting the power, one click at a time.