Various Artists Prima Norsk 3

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Documenting the emerging space-disco revival in Oslo, Norway, Prima Norsk 3 brings some of the scene‘s brightest lights into focus. Doc L Junior‘s "Sentimental Breakdown" is a dreamy, outer-limits epic laden with lush strings, towering arpeggios, and funked-out basslines, while Prins Thomas‘ remix of Legotrip‘s "Må VI Stoppe" is a thumping, reverberating disco classic. Lindbaek and Lindstrom‘s "Aliens In My Pocket" hints at the Italo side of things, and Kohib‘s "Truger" might make you feel as if you‘re sweating at The Gallery, 30 years later. If this is what the Norse are doing with disco, wait ‘til they get their hands on rock and roll. Oh wait, they already have...