The Go! Team Proof of Youth


When Brighton party terrorists The Go! Team first sprung on the scene with Thunder, Lightning, Strike, the band's carefree mix of northern soul, pop, indie rock, and seminal hip-hop made cool kids wet their white-belted jeans from Williamsburg to Hackney. But everyone assumed it to be as flash-in-the-pan as its title-some even willed the Team to disappear rather than hit a sophomore slump. Why did we worry? For Proof of Youth, The Go! Team's gone one further, making a record that truly approximates the joyful chaos of listening to music-a club's overloaded bass, complete with dancing and chanting. It's perfect for a group to whom "classic rock" means Happy Mondays. From the Jackson 5 to Superchunk, Stone Roses to "Uptown Top Ranking," The Go! Team cannibalizes music that is, itself, the result of cultural cannibalism. It's post-post-post-modern, and it's fucking brilliant.