Ratatat Ratatat

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Oh snap, wigga, please! Even the Crest-est white indie boys are down with the Neptunes these days. Swapping the gently pawed Fender Rhodes of Pharrell and Chad for a ferociously repeated onslaught of power chords and raaaawk reverb, Brooklyn duo Ratatat keenly keeps the Kraftwerk homage beeping and the laptop filled with hip-hop boom-clack destined to please the kids of the Midwest. Is this the Postal Service? Certainly not-there's nary a twee vocal to be found amongst this 45-minute compressed cutie of a CD. Bach meets Van Halen in the Krautrock section of Other Music? Yes! With their delicate baroque fugues inducing countless hours of air guitar posturing, Flying V-toting IDM in paint-splattered spandex is here to stay.