Shut Up and Dance Reclaim the Streets

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PJ and Smiley practically invented jungle. Alongside such epochal tracks as 4hero's Mr. Kirk's "Nightmare" and "Narra Mine" by Genaside II, early SUAD releases, such as "5,6,7,8," from 1989, defined a genre. PJ and Smiley, with their longstanding partner DJ Hype (who's had an illustrious solo career), never disappeared though they did vanish from popular memory. Their latest album, on their longstanding eponymous label, is yet another sweltering excursion into the depths of Hoxton, best heard on an ear-bleeding Jamaican sound system at 2am. The phenomenon of raggacore ? la DJ Scud, The Bug, dj/rupture, Soundmurderer and SK-1 would not be possible without the ingenious music of the Shut Up and Dance posse.