Zero DB Reconstruction

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Chris Vogado and Neil Combstock show a willful disregard for dancefloor etiquette on their collection of mixes and reshapings, as they lay down tracks that lead to serious mayhem between the speakers and under the mirrorball. With a rare combination of tough, squelchy techno basslines and exquisite batacuda polyrhythmics, the sound is of barely restrained chaos held together by sheer momentum. Listening to their mix of Sun Ra, one realizes the intricately structured layers with which Zero dB deftly work, visceral reaction coming before conscious recognition. Artists here include Trüby Trio, Peace Orchestra, and Suba, and while all but two of the mixes here have appeared on singles, every rub has been tweaked and reset for this collection. A worthy introduction to the group, and a welcome prologue to their upcoming album.