Funckarma Refurbished Two

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The Funcken brothers get caught up in a few post-techno habits, but all is forgiven in this remix collection. The Dutchmen’s remixes usually place number-crunched hip-hop rhythms in synth textures that stroll through a moonless alleyway. Their execution is awfully relaxed, but an odd tension still seeps into the mix, namely on their reworking of Celine’s “Here and Now.” The Funckens’ clearest fingerprint is a choppy rhythm that flickers in an eyeblink cadence as best heard in the fractal, aquatic funk of Machine Drum’s “Machinebong.” They also inject rich morphine into the cliché of stapling music-box lullabies onto jagged beats on the Spyweirdos’ “The Key.” Refurbished is a worthy reason for the bedroom-IDM set to keep the faith.