Sally Shapiro Remix Romance Vol 1 & 2

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On Disco Romance, Johan Ageborn and the pseudonymic Sally Shapiro forged a synthesis of Italo-disco, twee pop, and Scandinavian electro so close to flawless that they it have been a Frankenstein creation of St. Etienne mastermind Bob Stanley. That Shapiro has never performed live or revealed her actual name enhanced this ideal. Disco Romance seemed ripe for a remix. But, while often very lovely, this dual-volume remodeling (one CD, one download) featuring remixes from Junior Boys, The Juan MacLean, Dntel, and Lindstrøm isn’t quite on the money. Somehow, the attempt at attaining a new level of perfection disrupts the equilibrium of Shapiro and Ageborn’s originals, making them paradoxically slightly further away from such a state.