Alias Resurgam

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Brendon “Alias” Whitney established his production alongside abstract, nigh-emo MCs Sole, Slug, and Doseone. Since, he has been a prolific remixer, honing his electro-organica. This third full-length, its name Latin for “I shall rise again,” opens with southern bounce gone EBM as Casiotones distend. Soon, however, the friction of graphite-rubbed drums is replaced with a more mercurial sputter. Guests include Yoni of Why? getting screwed down and The One AM Radio thawing. Indeed, standout tracks (including “Death Watch”) are often with cipher swatches, as voices allow for dynamics playing tug-of-war more than just tug-the-heartstrings. Alias primarily mines only two modes–starry-eyed chords and wistful riffs–but in those he stays gold, ponyboys.