VVV Resurrection River


I‘m knocking down the king‘s door/Yeah!/See for yourself, it‘s fate/Look out! Alan Vega is yelping like a street preacher chasing ghosts down an SRO hallway. It makes sense that the ex-frontman of electro-punk icons Suicide would drink from the same bottle as Pan Sonic‘s Mika Vainio and Ilpo Viäsänen. All of them flayed electronic music and kept the bones-creating a tension that their music will either suffocate to death or evaporate into abrupt silence. Here, Vega takes the fore, his usual undead Elvis persona delivering rockabilly sermons about lost souls on the bloodied American soil. The stronger pieces, "11:52 PM" and "Chrome-Z Fighters 2003," resemble Suicide classics dug from the grave and hastily re-animated. But overall, too much power is denied in Resurrection.