Various Artists Return Of The DJ Volume V

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Since Return of the DJ Volume I came out in 1995, the series has chronicled the growing pains of the burgeoning turntablism movement: the formative years, the inevitable masturbatory phase, and finally, the discovery of self, when true growth begins. Volume V showcases this last phase. The '89 Skratch Gangstaz screen the timely "Director's Cut," a hilarious pastiche of pre-gubernatorial Schwarzenegger samples; Ales One and Teeko get downright nasty on "Detonator;" and DJ Marvel offers the cleanest cuts this side of DJ Revolution on "1-8-7." The real standouts are Noisy Stylus's utterly enjoyable veggie anthem "Broccoli Wars," Azzurro and Hashim B's "Quattro Respirato" (the genre's first ode to deep-breathing techniques) and DJ JS1's scathing "Ventilation."