The Tuss Rushup Edge

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Is that Master Richard James I hear? The Tuss is supposedly Karen Tregaskin, but AFX-ian elements are smudged everywhere here. Acid synth squelches swordfight a cornered drum machine on "Synthacon 9," and there is the telltale "Goodbye Rute," where gelatinous beats try to interrupt a symphonic melody that delivers flowers to a graveyard. "Shiz Ko E" resembles a Prince jaunt that's anxious to go home, and "Death Fuck Mental Beats" is a cranky breakcore number that pauses for a glum piano recital before throwing another tantrum. Whether it's James behind the curtain or not, Rushup Edge returns to ground already broken a decade ago, but it still outshines his rather conservative, Analord acid nostalgia show.