Jason Forrest Shamelessly Exciting

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Subtlety isn‘t in Jason Forrest‘s vocabulary. Like Yello, he‘s gotta say yes to another (absurd) excess. Last year‘s The Unrelenting Songs of the 1979 Post Disco Crash flaunted Forrest‘s diabolical plunderphonic flow, as he transmuted snippets from wack arena rockers, sacred/putrid classic-rock cows and faceless disco groups into spazzy sampladelic gold. Shamelessly Exciting further refines Forrest‘s brazen copyright-flouting and deft daftness. This time he‘s merging stadium prog, punk, New Wave, ‘60s psychedelia and smooth jazz with hyper jungle beats and rampant DSP abuse. Dude offers at least 30 thrills a minute, making Shamelessly Exciting truth in titling, not hubris.