Chromeo She's In Control

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It's no easy task to send up Prince, Cameo, Hall and Oates and Stevie B at the same time and sound professional while doing it, but Montrealers Chromeo pull it off on their debut, She's In Control. Armed with analog synths and more vocal effects than Justin Timberlake, the duo electric slides through nine tracks purpose-built to piss off techno purists and ignite club nights from Denmark to Des Moines. Sure, the porno swing and thrusting drum pulse of "Needy Girl" are ideas stolen straight from Timex Social Club's "Rumors." Yes, "Mercury Tears" contains even more laser light pulses and synthetic pleasures than Shannon's "Let the Music Play." But Chromeo succeeds where groups like W.I.T. and Avenue D have failed, infusing a two-decade-old formula with modern-day wit and musical talent. The only place She's In Control has to prove itself is on the dancefloor, and it does.