Quiet Village Silent Movie

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Joel Martin and Matt Edwards refer to their Quiet Village project as Balearic–the ’80s combination of house, pop, disco, and new age-y sounds that spread from Ibiza’s early clubbing incarnations. It’s the perfect tag since “Balearic” refers distinctly to a feeling rather than a sound, and Silent Movie is fat with sensations–“Singing Sand”’s near-tactile wind bells, or the filmic cowboys-and-surfers pow-wow on “Gold Rush.” Yet it’s thin on preconceived musical genres. Tempered by the crate-digger’s paradise of exotica and “cocktail disco” samples, but set within a downtempo rhythmic framework, tracks like “Too High to Move” and “Pacific Rhythm” will fill the dancefloor, even if people aren’t quite sure what to do once there.