Various Artists Soft & Suave: Relax Session

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With so many chill compilations, picking a soundtrack for relaxation is almost more frustration than worth. So, instead of needing a relaxing soundtrack for buying relaxing soundtracks, check out Soft & Suave: Relax Session, which succeeds by not relying heavily on any one downtempo genre. This isn't a broken beat or dub compilation. There's fusion, neo-soul, deep house, downbeat funk, tango and glitch-hop. Well-known producers-Fauna Flash, St. Germain, King Kooba, Tosca, Prefuse 73, DJ Vadim, Kruder & Dorfmesiter-are juxtaposed with up-and-comers, several of whom (notably Speedometer, Bacuzzi and Fleck) do well at surprising. Flavors balance well, resulting in a collection of gently wafting tracks that stand out but never draw attention to themselves-the picture of a lazy afternoon, but not lazy programming.