Various Artists Sonar Kollektiv 4: All As One Again

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When Jazzanova formed Sonar Kollektiv in 1998, downtempo was drifting toward bachelor pad purgatory, but this compilation of exclusive tracks, teasers from forthcoming records (notably Fat Freddy‘s Drop‘s reggae-infused "Roady") and remixes shows the label‘s many evolutions since. The throaty vocals on Dimlite‘s "Back to the Universe" downshift to a halt before blasting through the cosmos on prog-rock wings, a journey George Levin takes "Inside" with a sultry female response. From AME‘s minimal house treatment of Wahoo‘s "Holding You" to the jazzed-up staccato kick of Faze Liquide‘s "Kirkness" and Outlines‘ "Just A Little Lovin‘," the Kollektiv artists transform retro styles into sexy future soul.