Skull Disco Soundboy Punishments

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London imprint Skull Disco's resident producers Shackleton and Appleblim create brilliantly twisted dubstep that fancies the undead, full of decay, darkness, and lumbering steps. This vital compilation brings together the label's first five releases with outtakes and rarities, providing stark personality sketches of these celebrated new artists. Adorned with fidgeting tambourine shakes and hiccupping percussion, Shackleton's sparse and swirling Middle Eastern-tinged melodies exude creeping doom with minimal effort, like a madman's disquieting gaze. It's mystical and skeletal-especially "Blood on My Hands," which contains hypnotic lyrics about the Twin Towers-with dissociative beats bleached and picked clean. Appleblim takes a more enveloping route, heightening his paranoid soundscapes by slicing off heavy, rumbling slabs of low-end with a dull blade.