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IQU’s first proper album since 1998’s Chotto Matte A Moment! is a glossy party opus brimming with Asian-American soul, lubricious disco-funk and mellifluous melodies. Sun Q’s production (by IQU’s Michiko Swiggs and Kento Oiwa, along with Brian Weber; Tony Lash mixed) is phenomenally vibrant and full-bodied. IQU’s multi-instrumentalists are hedonists with masterly chops and ears keenly attuned to the cheeky and the weird. From the heart-stoppingly beautiful, Theremin-dominated cover of Minnie Riperton’s 1974 hit “Loving You” to the punchy, staccato funk with distorted guitar and psychedelic keyboard whorls of “Hamachi,” IQU prove that passion for the past can manifest magnificently timeless music.