Guitar Sunkissed

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You're right: Sunkissed, the debut album from Digital Jockey and a handful of collaborators (Ayako Akashiba, Regina Janssen, G?nther Janssen) sounds uncannily-some might say almost inexcusably-like My Bloody Valentine. But as it turns out, we need more of this blissed-out, shoegazing, stars-in-our-eyes dreampop; the ending of every one of Guitar's breathless, swirlybird pop gems leaves a desperate taste in your mouth, the comedown as bruising as the rush was heady. If you've ever had a soft spot for backwards guitars or the blush of a lusting chord, if you've ever swooned to a Siren-like female voice, if Boards of Canada's breakbeats thump at your hollow chest like a heart trying to crawl back inside, then Sunkissed will strum you into sweet, grateful submission.