Hrvatski Swarm & Dither

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All the greats deserve a retrospective at some point, and Keith Fullerton Whitman just got his. It comes in the form of this aural gallery stuffed with tracks composed between 1994 and 2002 that even includes some of his early and rather obscure field recordings. Plus, it features his classic deathcore-ragga-gabber slam, "Vastep DSP." And as the album progresses, the producer's versatility becomes apparent in the contrast of tracks like the bleeping Gameboy fiesta, "Marbles," and a cover of the Stones' "Paint it Black," a bubbled amalgam of hissing, crackling computers, instrumentation and voice. Melding Squarepusher and Kid606 into a delicate post-jungle card tower, this record (Whitman's first full-length since his debut three years ago) is well worth the wait.