Various Artists Tempo Technik Teamwork

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Staubgold's techno aesthetic has never been flashy, preferring the elegant, spare glint of restraint over overbearing bling. In Tempo Technik Teamwork, the tracks stand like individual pearls, smooth with a brittle elegance. "Help Yourself" radiates a slowly plinking serenity, while Ras Donovan's voice floats over Mapstation's lilting dub, touching down to the beat ever so briefly before rising up again, like a grave balloon dance. Faust and Dälek's noir hip-hop is blown through with a surprising lightness that leads nicely into Ekkehard Ehlers and John Frusciant's eerie spaghetti-western chamber shoegaze. And Kammerflimmer Kollektief, featured on both discs, melts its static snowflakes on your tongue.