John Tejada & Arian Leviste The Dot & The Line

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Motor City-influenced John Tejada might be the most unlikely resident of LA's electronic scene. His newest album with longtime co-producer Arian Leviste offers classic Tejada tech-house stylings: smooth, lean grooves swiped with breakbeats, catchy loops and very clean production. As might be expected, some tracks are better suited as DJ mixing material, such as the driving "Brio," which offers great jacking house grooves that don't move in any particular direction. Standout cuts include the riveting "Stereographic Mix Up," a hypnotizing exercise in strapping minimalism, and "Language Barrier," which dissolves upbeat stabbing synths into moody, melodic techno. Check the old-school Detroit vibe of "Throwback," which keenly hearkens to Tejada's more appropriate musical home.