Ron Jason & Kim Ann Foxman The Dream Project EP

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Love Fever is a label known for its kinetic parties in London's underground, its erotically charged artwork, and its finely cultivated catalog. Having already helped propel the likes of Citizen and Ejeca into greater notoriety, the dance-music apparatus continues its foray into retro-minded productions by pairing Ron Jason—better known as Italian cult favorite Nick Anthony Simoncino, (or simply Simoncino)—with Hercules & Love Affair alum Kim Ann Foxman for a five-track EP, The Dream Project.

A natural fit for one another, Simoncino and Foxman have each carved out a place in the contemporary house-music lexicon by updating classic New York and Chicago sounds. (Simoncino even nods to the famed Chicago DJ crew with HotMix, his fledgling vinyl-only label.) Working across a series of tracks each named after a letter in the word "dream," they continue the trend here, recalling acts like Chez Damier, Larry Heard, and Ron Trent—artists, not coincidentally, that have all been commissioned to remix Simoncino's tracks in the past. Well positioned after the humid and beatless intro "D," "R" has all the trappings of a single from any one of these Windy City veterans, as it packs in dense drum-machine programming, wispy synth atmospherics, vocal flourishes that call out from deep in the mix, and Foxman herself, who coos intermittently, "Dream with me."

EP centerpiece "E" shifts to an East Coast vibe and employs a lighter touch. Richly textured with Foxman's vocals, which are set atop a steady 4/4 thump and the trill of hi-hats, this is the cut that underpins the EP thematically. As Foxman paints a picture of the love she dreams of, celestial keys reverberate in places while sheets of steady synth chords glow in others. Beneath it all, a river murmurs.

Water is commonplace in dreams, and it's just as common here, flowing throughout the EP. Bubbling up again on "A," the liquid atmospherics evolve into a deep, late-night affair punctuated by heavy drumming and a woozy synth melody. EP closer "M" teases out the loopy nature of an imagination in its midnight slumber, reprising Foxman's "My life is just a dream" incantation and the quixotic motifs of The Dream Project as a whole.