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Sa-Ra is officially off dick-tease status. The trio has been promising a proper full-length since they hit the ground running with 2004's off-kilter funk sensation, "Glorious." Well, ladies and gentlemen, here 'tis. As we patiently await their G.O.O.D. Music debut, this 19-track romp, chock full of synth-laden debauchery and extraterrestrial musings, fills the void with a little help from friends like Erykah Badu, Bilal, Pharaohe Monche, and J. Dilla. SRCP tosses in a few previously released singles and some cyber-funk jawns from the archives of their mothership for an eventful affair. Cuts like the Rhodes-heavy twilight jam "So Special" and the head-nodding "Feel The Bass" (featuring Talib Kweli) truly take the lead. And while the album has small bouts of inconsistency, it further cements SRCP's status as genre-bending Hollyweird squares on the verge of reinventing funk, from Sunset Blvd to the stratosphere.