Boom Bap Project The Trade Remix

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You may remember back in early 2001 when MCs Karim and Destro Destructo and DJ Tre dropped their debut single as Boom Bap Project, "The Trade," with "Writers Guild" on the flip. That 12", along with their "Circumstance Dictates EP," had the indie hip-hop world wide open and reaching out to the Pacific Northwest, a region dominated by BBP's extended family, the Oldominion crew. Since then, these top-rankers have been touring and playing with damn near everybody (short list includes Wu Tang, Jurassic 5, Public Enemy, and Blackalicious) and getting more exposure than the Pam and Tommy Lee video. So with an album on the way, it makes full-circle sense for their Stuck label to re-release the first slab with a remix of "The Trade" by up-and-coming Northwest producer Vitamin D (who co-formulated the cuts on "Writers Guild" with Tre). That tune's original saw the "poetical surgeons-slash-political matadors" do their new/old school thang to a soulful, horn-stabbed backing; Mr. D spices it up with soothing piano chords, ominous strings and tight new scratches. You'd do very well to watch for this trio's long-player, as they "creep through the foliage to slap you rap affiliates." When that Billboard singles chart gets on your nerves, reach for this jammy.