Apparat Things to be Frickled: Parts & Remixes

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Often spoken of in the same breath as Ellen Allien, on accounts of their 2006 arterial-meets-ethereal collaboration Orchestra of Bubbles, Germany’s Sascha Ring has a rep as a consummate colluder, liberally applying granular resonance. Now Ring offers up 22 further name-dropping opportunities, compiling one disc of artists’ works he has remixed and another of associates’ remixes of Apparat tracks. Among the names getting their brumes dusted are Swayzak, Boys Noize, Nathan Fake, Lusine, Meteo, Telefon Tel Aviv, Thomas Fehlmann, and Monolake. At his best Ring prepares his immersive trills sous-vide–the resulting rhythms not wanting for even a smidgen of texture and kept circulating at a deliberate pace. And on Disc Two, roughly hewn to immaculately poised transformations take Apparat anamorphic.