David Ramos This Up Here

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David Ramos’ This Up Here is a self-produced fuck-fest of sounds; synths, keyboards, guitars, drum loops, melodic harmonies, and choppy-cadenced rhymes meld together. He flexes his multi-instrumental muscle, dropping gems like “Kings and Queens” and “Satellite,” which bask in psychedelic indie-pop glory. “Looked At” is a wacky soundclash with eerie synths that abruptly shift to an upbeat marching-band pop tune and back again–with a Project Blowed-like flow sprinkled on top (he has provided beats for Aceyalone and Busdriver, after all). But the rapping isn’t always pleasing, like on his life and love diatribes “Breathe” and “Don’t Exist.” Yet somehow he makes it all work, crafting an eclectic record where experimental indie rap and fuzzy lullabies play together.