Eight Frozen Modules Thought Process Disorder

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Juxtaposing sharp-as-nails beat barrages with myriad gurgling, plasticene sounds, Eight Frozen Modules' Ken Gibson seems to cross the line separating IDM-pop convention and experimental abrasion with every other step on this, his full-length debut. Each track overflows with sound and fury as Gibson chews up and spits out radically de- and-re-formed melodies, grooves, beats and basslines. There are enough fits, starts and hairpin turns to make you reach for the Dramamine, but somehow you're still aching to continue the journey. Amidst a sea of high-voltage sticks, Gibson leaves you some tasty carrots, such as the title track and the final "Fucj Shif," spurring you on to plunge once again into the sonic abyss.