Watchers To the Rooftops

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This is some seriously dramatic art-funk that channels what was most interesting about the Talking Heads' canonical Remain in Light. Hey, it may be a PR selling point, but you'll shiver when you realize how much vocalist Michael Guarrine sounds like Byrne on the edgy, cutting "Our Exchange" (which itself ambles forward like "Born Under Punches") or "Gold Standard." Truth is, Watchers have more musical skill than the Heads, less self-conscious theater than the early Devo sound (check Rooftops' "Two Worlds" for more on that), and chops equal to the similarly flavored Sweep the Leg Johnny or Minus the Bear. In other words, the Talking Heads comparison is neither a knock nor a PR pipe dream-it's a compliment. By the time you get to the laidback hooks of "The Dirty Sponsor," you'll be sucked in and pushed forward, having forgotten about the value of comparisons altogether.