Scuba Triangulation

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Among the myriad skills Paul Rose (a.k.a. Scuba) possesses is putting his projects in a right, tight context before the music even begins. Triangulation, his second album of original productions, is a largely seamless distillation of regional dance vibes found in the Berlin, Detroit, and London power centers. If it were mere formula, or history lesson, it would have less impact. But Scuba's magic is in turning established musical styles into something organic and fresh, like dark ambient dubs ("Latch" and "Lights Out") that recall Basic Channel sides—but not quite. The same can be said for Motor City house and techno inspiration on "Before" and "You Got Me." Pitched-down UK rave influences are apparent throughout, notably on the soulful "So You Think You're Special" and "Three Sided Shape." But like everything else on this remarkable LP, the most significant "place" being mined is the artist's own fertile imagination.